John Hunter


I immigrated to North America in my early 20s. Coming from an ex-communist country where credit cards were non-existent at the time, I messed up my credit fairly quick. No one ever told me how credit works and no one educated me on the importance of good credit history. During my first 10 years here, I was extremely ignorant about my credit and I treated all credit cards and loans as free money. I defaulted on store credit cards that were written off, I had car loans that led to repossession of my cars.  At one point when I managed to buy a house, after 3 years I almost lost it. At this point I not only was refused for any credit but bank accounts, I was unable to get insurance or a good job. The information provided in this blog is from my years of research and my personal experience. I managed to get my credit score from the low 500s to the high 700s using the information and strategies described in this blog.

I am really hoping that the information I am providing here will help people to get back on track.