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How to get a credit report for free

Monitoring your credit is the most important part of your credit improvement strategy. It used to be very expensive to monitor your credit regularly as the credit reporting agencies charge you money to see your report. It will cost you around $25 for a single instance of your report and upwards of $30-$35 per month on subscription bases. But, did you know that you can get all this for free?

Every credit reporting agency is dictated by law that they need to provide you with a free credit report. The issue here is that they only need to do that once per year and also they don’t make it easy for you. Most will require you to request it in writing and they will send it through the mail. They do have the ability to give it to you in digital format because they do so if you pay. Please understand that these are for-profit businesses making millions of dollars from your misfortunes.  They will give you the bullshit lines that they do that to protect your privacy but in reality, everyone that works in a business that has a subscription with the credit bureaus can pull your credit report for a matter of seconds without any particular reason.

There are other ways to get your credit report for free. Some banks will provide you with your credit report on their online banking applications. Some lenders will pay for your subscription at the credit reporting agencies as part of court settlement. One example is Capital One. There are also websites that offer you free credit monitoring in exchange for bombarding you with credit card offers. We will go into more details for all these alternative options in another article.

OK, so how do I get my free credit report. Here are the links for the most popular credit reporting agencies

Free Credit Reports in the USA

  1. Experian –
  2. Transunion –
  3. Equifax –

Free Credit Reports in Canada

  1. Transunion –
  2. Equifax –

These links were accurate at the time we wrote this article. Please let us know if they no longer work and we will modify them

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